Dog Fanny Pack For Dog Walkers: Perfect for Treats, Walking and Fun

Posted by Team Fanny on Mar 1st 2018

Dog Fanny Pack For Dog Walkers: Perfect for Treats, Walking and Fun

When I head out for a walk with my dog, my pockets are often filled with treats, various balls, some sort of clicker, poop bags, keys, wallets -- it’s a mess. A big giant mess. And that’s before Hank reminds us about who owns the sidewalk and the tree outside. If only there were a fanny pack for dog walkers or a fanny pack for dog walking. Or just walking my dog.

In the summer, a product for dog walking becomes even more needed. If I’m going to the dog park, a mini tennis ball, a flashlight (if a night walk), the accessories pile up. But again, where am I supposed to put all this? There are only so many pockets in my jacket or jeans and after a while it get hectic. All this before I’ve even taken on the task of walking friends dogs.

This is the dilemma many dog walkers must have. I see them all the time; taking care of everyone’s pups, 2; 4; 6; 8 dogs at a time. The song “Who let the dogs out” always seems to come on in my mind when I see them. And with this in mind, I’ve decided alright - I’m here to help.

It's okay. I totally have all the stuff I need for these 30 dogs in my pockets...

We’re proud to offer our dog walker friends an exclusive discount. Just use code ‘ILETTHEDOGSOUT’ and get 20% off your next order. Take it as a little thank you for all the great work that you -- our puppy mamas and daddys do when we’re not there. Find a style that fits you. There's a perfect fanny pack for dog walker for you.

You can use it on a large 3 pocket fanny pack that has ample room for all those great dog walking accessories -- treats, poop bags, leashes, your phone, etc. Take it from our friend Caiti out in Austin, Texas who gave one of our Squad fanny packs a try:

'I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I am 100% obsessed with this fanny pack! I originally bought it for my volunteer job as a dog walker to hold treats and poop bags and keys but now I also use it for hiking, biking, and other adventures. It holds a lot more than I expected. Team fanny pack all the way!"

So, give the Who’s Your Fanny pack a try and let us know what you think, dog walkers. Got a dog walking company and interested in a wholesale purchase for your walkers? We’ve got something special for y’all too. Just shoot us a note and let’s chat!

So what are you waiting for? Give em a try!

Some of our favorite styles for a fanny pack for dog walker includes:

Gray Fanny Pack

Cactus Fanny Pack

Flamingo Fanny Pack

Black Fanny Pack

Black Fanny Pack

Squad Fanny Pack

Check the rest out!