Festival Fanny Packs Are The Only Way To Party

Posted by Team Fanny on Jun 8th 2017

Festival Fanny Packs Are The Only Way To Party

Festival fanny packs have been severely under-appreciated since the day they were created, but they are finally starting to garner some respect and admiration. Music festival attendees are often fashionably dressed and ready to rock, and these people have been notorious for making otherwise bizarre looks totally chic. When the music festivals are filled with people in fanny packs, you know the day has finally come for these nifty hip pockets to shine. And with so many great new fanny pack brands and shops to choose from, who can blame them.

Festival Fanny Packs are Convenient

Everyone knows that fanny packs have utility unbeknownst to any other bag, sack, or pouch on the earth, but standing in line at a music festival is when their convenience really takes flight. Normally, whether or not you can easily grab your wallet is mostly negligible, but when you’re wanting to get the amazing merch for your favorite band at Coachella, you need to be able to have fast access to your cash or card without hesitation. Not to mention, you can store emergency makeup supplies, tampons, face wipes, and other hygienic essentials for festival-goers without having to cart around a cumbersome backpack or keep up with an uncomfortable tote.

Music Festivals Aren’t Always Secure

Sure, plenty of wonderful and amazing potential new best friends could be attending Lollapalooza, but there will also be some relatively sketchy figures who may be interested in rifling through your belongings and jacking all of your cash. No matter what music festival you go to, you need to be wary and stay alert, which is why having all of your personal belongings securely fastened to your hip is super beneficial. You won’t leave your backpack lying at your feet for people to spill liquor on, and no one will peg you as an easy target for a good old-fashioned thieving.

Fanny Packs Can Be Fun and Cute

Let’s be honest. It’s hard to convince anyone that something useful is as appealing as something that matches their aesthetic. Whether you’re a woman, a man, or a multi-gendered alien visitor, you probably have a certain style or image that you actively try to portray. Maybe you work out all the time and embrace a fitness aesthetic, or perhaps you opt for a trendy look with phrases and iconography from pop culture. Regardless, because of the rise in popularity of fanny packs, there are significantly more options that legitimately adhere to your personal interests and standards. It is way easier nowadays to find fanny packs for women, or fun fanny packs with TV catchphrases, or simple and cute fanny packs that match up with current fashion trends.  

Festival Fanny Pack Styles Are Cute!
With multiple designs perfect for whatever type of music you're looking to dance to, multiple options are available. Check out some of the best selling festival fanny packs today or read more about the essentials required with any festival fanny pack from our own personal experiences at Coachella and Lollapalooza