How To Shop For A Womens Fanny Pack

Posted by Team Fanny on Apr 18th 2020

How To Shop For A Womens Fanny Pack

Fanny pack, hip bag, bum bag, waist pack -- whatever you choose to call it, womens fanny packs are the "it" item for 2020. Celebrities from The Rock to Kylie Jenner have chosen to sport a fanny pack as the perfect men and women's accessory. Many have chosen it in place of lugging a large, heavy backpack or dealing with stricter regulations at concerns, sporting events and music festivals that prohibit large concealed bags. Looking great while being functional has never been so achievable.

But smart women have to ask, how do I pick a fanny pack? With so many to choose from how do i shop for a women’s fanny pack? How do I pick the right fanny pack? Where do I buy a fanny pack? So many questions -- but luckily we have some answers for you.

Recently, we asked recent fanny pack shoppers how they made the jump and picked a fanny pack. Did they look for a large fanny pack? One with multiple pockets? Something cute? Something small? Something that could fit a wallet, keys, sunglasses, phone, what exactly? A neon one that proudly proclaims I’m here to party or a practical, useful, classy fanny pack that will make your life easier? Here's what we learned about how to pick a womens fanny pack.


Large Fanny Pack or Not A Large Fanny Pack?

Fanny packs come in many shapes and sizes and its important to find the one that fits you and your needs. It’s important to determine if you’d like a small to medium sized fanny pack or a larger one with much more space.

Multiple Pockets Are Your Friend

Whether you’re looking for a simple fanny pack with 1 or 2 pockets row whether you’d like a fanny pack with 3 large pockets and compartments to hold tons of stuff.

Wear It On Your Hip or Shoulder

Fanny packs can be worn easily on the shoulder, across your chest and on the more traditional spot, the hip. As you shop be sure to test different looks to see which looks best where.

Carry On An Airplane

Fanny packs are TSA friendly and do not count as one of your carry on bags. That’s right! So, put all your essentials in your fanny pack, wear it on board and pack your larger belongings in your carry on.

Make Sure It Comes In Your Size

When looking at womens fanny packs, it’s important to ensure that the fanny pack either comes with an adjustable belt or in your size. Many bags, including Who’s Your Fanny products, come with an adjustable belt that can expand by over 20 inches.

What Not To Do When Shopping For A Fanny Pack

Don’t Be Afraid To Sport Your Fanny Pack

It’s not 2001 anymore. Embrace the fanny pack because it’s back. So, don’t be afraid to strut your stuff and wear your fanny pack with pride. There are tons of designs out there that can truly express your personality, whether it be cactuses, flamingos, solid prints, colors, funny phrases and more.

Don’t Buy A Cheap One

Cheap fanny packs are great — they really are — but remember that fanny packs are extremely functional, versatile and that you’ll want to consider wearing it more than once. Investing in a good, strong fanny pack is an important decision and look for fanny packs that use high quality ingredients — like canvas, nylon and others — with strong zippers.

Don’t Ignore The Power of The Bride Tribe

Brides and their tribe love fanny packs and fanny packs are a crucial Bachelorette Party accessory. Been to Las Vegas, Nashville, Charleston, Austin or another Bachelorette Party hotspot? You may have seen packs of women wearing fanny packs, in a variety of coordinated outfits.

Don’t Be Afraid To Have Some Fun

Fun, funny and joyful — all words that can be used to describe wearing a stylish and cute fanny pack. Whether on the beach, at a music festival like Coachella, traveling or biking, fanny packs are the way to party.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Picking the right fanny pack doesn’t have to be a hard decision but if it is, not a worry. Shop Who’s Your Fanny’s selection of women’s fanny packs and feel free to shoot an e-mail if you have any questions.