Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my item?
All of our orders are prepared immediately and shipped either same (or next day). So, when you place an order, you should have your item within the standard shipping window, which is typically 2-4 days. For last second bachelorette party ideas and whims, or an emergency fanny pack for mom for vacation, we’ve got you covered. 

Where are you located? 
We are an America-based company that ships 100% of our items from our facilities in Brooklyn, New York and New Jersey (and sometimes from our fulfillment facilities scattered across the country). Our items are produced with the highest quality materials, individually inspected and come with a no worries guarantee.

Do you have a showroom we can check out or pick up items from?
We currently do not -- just an office full of young, hungry employees trying to make sure you have the best fanny pack you’ve ever had. Give our bags a try and if you don’t like them, we have our no worries return policy here for you.

What is your return policy?
No questions asked, 30 day return policy to your payment choice or as store credit.

How many pockets are there?
We have 2 styles: The Canvas ones have 4 (yes, 4!) pockets: front, main, hidden pocket behind the main pocket and a 4th hidden compartment inside of the main compartment (for storing things like keys, credit cards, loose change, valet ticket, fortune cookie slips, etc. Our nylon bags have 3 pockets*

*Note: Our clear plastic fanny pack only has 2 pockets.

Is it a washable fanny pack?
Yes, our bags are washable. We would suggest washing by hand just to be safe.

What sizes does the belt adjust to?
The belt is adjustable, and can go from 15 inches to 48 inches (38cm to 142cm). Additionally, we also have extender belts that can add an addition 5-10 inches to the waist.

Can I wear this on my hip or on my shoulder?
Yes, because of our adjustable belt, you can wear this however you wish -- whether it be via the traditional on the hip approach or over the shoulder, across your back, etc. 

Do you offer group discounts?
If purchasing more than 10 items, please contact us at to discuss.

Will this fit a Samsung Note 4? IPhone?
Yes, there is a compartment that will fit all types of larger cell phones.

What are the dimensions on the bag?
Most of our bags extend about 10-12 inches width across (about 25-28cm). The bags are neither extremely large or extremely small, but a good versatile size for adults:

How small can the bag get?
The belt can adjust down to 15 inches, which should fit kids, smaller adults, etc.

Can this fit a camera?
Yes, it should be able to fit a camera, whether it be point or shoot or slightly larger.

Does this comply with stadium bag policies for the NFL, NCAA, other sports and concerts?
Yes, most of those policies disallow backpacks (and typically encourage fanny packs). We recommend double-checking if the event requires a clear fanny pack (which we have) or if regular fanny packs are all good. We have been told by customers most have been okay.

What’s the clip size?
The clip size on the belt (for the canvas bags) is 1.5 inches and for the nylon bags, it is 1.25 inches.

Will this fit a 16 ounce water bottle?
Yes, and more!

Does this have a key FOB holder?
There is not a key FOB holder ring / clip, BUT the Canvas Fanny Packs do you have a secret inner hidden compartment perfect for holding keys (and keeping them easily accessible).

Is this a waterproof fanny pack?
Yes, the bag is water resistant and should protect your stuff in the rain, against sweat, etc. Many also have lining in the inner pocket to ensure your stuff stays dry. 

We would not suggest jumping in a pool or anything with the pack (although we’ve had customers tell us their stuff has been fine). So, as long as your items are not submerged under water, you should be good to go.

How thick is the strap?
The strap is about 1.25 - 1.5 inches wide, depending on the style.

Is this a good fanny pack for theme parks?
Yes! This is perfect for moms and dads on the go, or for young hipsters appreciating the fanny pack life. Very versatile and totally complies with theme park policies.

How much does this bag weigh?
This bag is super light -- approximately 3 to 5 ounces (85-150 grams) depending on the style.

Will this pack fit plus size folks?
Yes, the adjustments to 48 inches should definitely accommodate most people, and if not, we do have the extender belt option available.

Could a child wear this?
Yes, the beauty of the adjustable belt is that it can accommodate anyone, as long as they have a 15 inch or larger waist size. 

Don’t take this the wrong way but … are you a real company?
We are a USA-based company founded by 2 Americans with a passion for fun, music festivals, versatility, comfort and utility. Check us out on Instagram @whosyourfanny or our product reviews for additional information. We understand though if you’ve never shopped with us before, we also offer a number of secure checkout options via Apple Pay and PayPal, plus a no questions asked 30 day return policy.

What material are the bags?
We have 2 types. Several of our bags are made from Canvas & Polyester, while the other design is comprised mostly of Nylon.

Do you sell extension pieces for your belts?
Yep. Also you can e-mail us at  if you need one and cant’ find it on the site.

International FAQs
Check out our International FAQs for typically asked questions from our international friends.