Our Story

Let us help you be free 

We may be an online store but really we're here to help you have some fun. Think of us as an extension of you, a willing accomplice in the game that you call life. Much like that best friend that's always there to hold your hair back, we'll be there to hold your stuff.


We've been there. 

Do you know what swampy lines in the summer heat at Tomorrowland, a desert's breeze at Coachella and last summer's killer barbecue at Aunt Louise's house all have in common? We. lost. things. We've lost our fair share of things--cell phones, wallets, keys, tampons, our dignity. If only there were somewhere to put our stuff....


There's got to be a better way...

We remember our first fanny pack. But this isn't Uncle Dave's fanny pack. We're incredibly proud of our 3 compartment fanny packs that have ample room for your essentials--no need to stuff it into 1 compartment like some of those other packs. We got this.


Introducing Who's Your Fanny

We're a new brand. A fresh baby in the world of fanny packs. But we're pretty confident that you'll like our fanny packs and we'd love if you give them a try. They come with a full "fun" guarantee and a no questions asked return policy. You've finally answered the often asked question, "where can I buy a fanny pack?"


Fanny Packs US, UK, Australia, Canada and More

 Whether you call it a fanny pack, bum bag, waist pack or hip bag we've got you covered. We ship our fanny packs globally and will ensure you'll be the most stylish attendee at your next function.


Fun Functional Large Fanny Packs -- What More Could You Want?

Our initial collection includes canvas and nylon USA inspired patriotic fanny packs and fun, bright neon fanny packs perfect for your next thing where a fun, bright neon fanny pack would be the perfect accessory. Heading out in the wilderness for a Bae Watch? We've got you covered there. And for your wolfpack? Well, we've got the best Squad fanny pack out there.


Still Got Questions? No Worries, We Got You
Check out our Shop FAQs, including typical International Duty & Shipping questions.


So, we hope you enjoyed our 1st date as much as we did. And if you have any questions, just drop us a line at or on the social media: @whosyourfanny.