Tax, Duty & Shipping Questions

Not located in the United States and interested in purchasing one of our fanny pack bum bags, but have some questions? Please find information on duties, VAT/GST, HST, and other typical international questions below:

Do you ship to my country?
Yes - we ship everywhere! (We would ship to Antarctica if we could). We have shipped numerous items to the EU, European Union, South Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, Africa and South America. If you have an address, we will find you and get this item to you!

What’s the deal with duties and taxes?
We offer free international shipping to get you the item, but there might be a small (and we’re talking very small) equivalent of sales tax in your region, for example VAT, GST, HST, etc. This ranges typically from 5-10% of your order total.

Our items are typically not subject to customs or duties because of their small average order value but when they are, your local authorities may charge you:


Country / Region

(Excludes shipping)

VAT/GST/HST Implications
(Only on base product, not on shipping)





$20 CAD

0% if less than $20 CAD
5-15% if more than $20 CAD


80 DKK

0% (if less than 80 DKK)
25% (if more than $12 USD)

European Union

22 Euros

0% (if below 22 Euros)
15-27% (if more than 22 Euros)

Hong Kong




10000 JPY

0% (less than 10000 JPY)
4.8% (more than 10000 JPY)

New Zealand

400 NZD

0% (less than 400 NZD)
15% (more than 400 NZD)


350 NOK

0% (less than 350 NOK)
15% (more than 350 NOK)


400 SGD

0% (if less than 400 SGD)
7% (if more than 400 SGD)

South Korea

$150 USD

0% (if less than $150)
15% (if more than $150)


300 SEK

0% (less than 300 SEK)
25% (more than 300 SEK)


2000 TWD

0% (less than 2000 TWD)
5% (more than 2000 TWD)

United Kingdom

15 GBP

0% (less than 15 GBP)
20% (more than 15 GBP)

Most Other Countries

$10-$20 USD

0% (less than $10 USD)
5-15% (more than $10-$20 USD)

There is typically no additional duty required for our typical order size, just VAT. If there are any questions or concerns around your specific region, please e-mail us at